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Architectural Timelines

Renaissance Architecture (1400 AD to 1600 AD): Renaissance Architecture represented a return to classical ideas and ushered in an "age of awakening" in most of Europe, especially Italy, France, and England.

Baroque Architecture (1600 AD to 1700 AD): Baroque style represents opulent and often dramatic structures with unsymmetric shapes and highly extravagant ornamentation. Examples such as the Versailles in France inspired other nations to incorporate the Baroque ideas. Russia used many Baroque architectural elements in the construction of St. Petersburg.

Rococo Architecture (1650 AD to 1790 AD): In the last years of the Baroque period, builders constructed elegant white buildings with sweeping curves. These styles became Rococo Architecture.

American Colonial Architecture (1600 AD to 1780 AD): European settlers in the New World borrowed design elements from their homelands and created their own breed of architecture using the natural resources (and limitations) of the New World. Fine examples of this architecture are found throughout New England. Traditional glass hardware was used throughout Colonial Architecture.

Georgian Architecture (1720 AD to 1800 AD): Georgian Architecture is both stately and symmetrical. This style dominated in Great Britain and influenced building styles in the American colonies. Fine examples of this architecture are found throughout New England and the Midwest. Traditional glass hardware was used throughout Colonial Architecture - especially in Chicago and Detroit.

Neoclassical, Federalist & Idealist Architecture (1750 AD to 1880 AD): A renewed interest in Renaissance architect inspired a return to the classical shapes in Europe, Great Britain and the United States.

Greek Revival Architecture (1790 AD to 1850 AD): Classical buildings and homes often feature Doric, Ionic and Corinthian style columns, pediments and other details inspired by Greek forms. Antebellum homes in the American south were often built in the Greek Revival style.

Victorian Architecture (1840 AD to 1900 AD): Industrialization brought many innovations in architecture. Victorian styles include Gothic Revival, Italianate, Stick, Eastlake, Queen Anne, Romanesque and Second Empire. Fine examples are found througout the United States from San Fransisco, California to Chicago, Illinois to New York, New York.

Art Nouveau Architecture (1890 AD to 1905 AD) Known as the New Style, Art Nouveau was first expressed in fabrics and graphic design. The style spread to architecture and furniture in the 1890s. Art Nouveau buildings often have asymmetrical shapes, arches and decorative surfaces with curved, plant-like designs.

Art Deco Architecture (1925 AD to 1935 AD): Zigzag patterns and vertical lines create dramatic effect on jazz-age, Art Deco buildings.

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