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Choose Us For the Same “Old” Reasons: Quality and Value

LookInTheAttic appreciates the fact that antique hardware represents more than just useful pieces for opening drawers or doors. They are objects of beauty to be appreciated and add important design touches to homes and furniture. Look closely at antique or vintage house or furniture hardware, dating back decades or hundreds of years. What you will find is a stunning display of hardware styles and details like ribbon and reed door pull plates, Chippendale Willow brasses, Hepplewhite thin brass pulls with eagle symbols, or elaborate Victorian crystal door knockers.

If you appreciate the quality and details found in products made in long gone eras, it is natural to want to bring the past into the present. That is precisely why we have specialized, since 1997, in crafting fine reproductions of the classic hardware pieces that add beautiful styling to furniture and homes. Choosing our company to meet your hardware needs makes sense, if you appreciate high quality hardware, customization and exceptional service.

Tribute to the Past through Attention to Details in the Present

Our skilled workers find it very satisfying to reproduce high quality reproduction or custom designed hardware, as a tribute to the past. In our business, “old” is a term used with reverence. Staff members at LookInTheAttic are on a mission to recreate the high quality vintage hardware in a way that captures the spirit of an era when craftsmen in small shops produced custom-made hardware with loving care.

Our finished products are handmade so that each piece is a handcrafted work of art. The final products reflect the attention to detail needed to reproduce quality hardware items that are similar to pieces once made by masters of the trade. The knobs, hooks, pulls and plates are cast in bronze or brass, hand burnished and finished, machine drilled, assembled and polished. Entering our workshop is like stepping back in time as skilled artisans carefully recreate the smallest antique details on fine pieces of hardware, while using modern precision tools and technology to produce exacting results.

Customized Reproductions or Contemporary Styling

LookInTheAttic reproductions take pride in the detail and are made from original hardware pieces or customers can order unique pieces to match the styling of their homes or offices. In fact, our craftspeople love customized hardware orders because it gives them an opportunity to use their skills and experience to the fullest. You can order a reproduction of hardware pieces found in the nicest homes around the world, or you can work with one of our designers and create a unique style.

Browsing the catalog is a good place to begin shopping, if you are not sure what hardware style will work best for your purposes. Each customer has different needs or a specific concept in mind. You may prefer contemporary styling, need an unusual garden piece, or simply want to replace your switch plates. Knowledgeable LookInTheAttic staff are always available to help with small to large personal or business orders, either online, in person or by phone.

Go Ahead... Take Our Old-Fashioned Service for Granted

LookInTheAttic reproduces more than just vintage style hardware. We also recreate the level of customer service that people took for granted a hundred years ago. As a small company based in Michigan, our staff works closely with each customer to ensure that every order is given full attention from start to finish. We give the same service to each and every customer, whether you are a homeowner, architect, designer or builder.

You can get assistance with your hardware selection from our catalog, the design of customized hardware, and hardware ordering. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about hardware styles, details, materials and production processes. At LookInTheAttic, customer service is not something to be rushed. It is something to be enjoyed because it is a way for us to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

LookInTheAttic offers everything you need for an enjoyable experience as you shop for handcrafted hardware reflecting a love of the past. You want to choose a company that puts the right amount of care into making the hardware, so it lasts for decades just like the original versions. So, take our hand, step back in time with us, and once again enjoy service with a smile and high quality products. "Old" has never been so wonderfully new.

Color Catalog by Mail

LookInTheAttic & Company periodically publishes a full color catalog that contains information about our company and photographs of selected items from our online collection. The catalog is also available in PDF format and can be viewed online (shown below).

Brochure/Catalog About LookInTheAttic

If you would like to be added to our catalog mailing list, please email us your physical address. We have two different mail catalogs - one for Glassware & Tableware, the other for Home Hardware. Please indicate which catalog interests you.

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    Why Shop at LookInTheAttic?
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